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How Reflex will change your sleep forever?

Neck &
Shoulder Pain




Sleep Alignment

This pillow has been designed to position your spine in its CORRECT ALIGNMENT while you sleep. While your mattress may support your lower spine, your upper spine (neck area) needs even more support as this is the area where most soft tissue and muscle damage occurs, it is also the area that is responsible for many issues with general health.

The key factor to ensuring that the greatest benefit achieved while you sleep is the position of your head, neck, shoulders and spine.

Sleep and Pressure Mapping

The Perfection and Original pillows are great for neck pain. It helps your cervical spine maintain improved alignment during the whole night which prevents stress and strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, especially the supportive muscles in the upper neck which are under continuous strain during the day.

  • Support your lower spine
  • Most soft tissue and muscle damage occurs
  • Issues with your general health
  • Greatest benefit achieved while you sleep is the position of your head, neck, shoulders and spine

Why Reflex is for you?

The Science

  • 37 years of scientific design for maximum comfort by Noel
  • Unique Open Cell Technology
  • Engineered with ‘Reflex Foam’ a unique foam composition
  • 50% softer than memory foam
  • Gives you renewed energy and improves wellbeing by supporting body posture as you sleep
  • Patented design
  • Graded a medical device by Health Regulation Authority Ireland

15 Years of Research and Development

Meet Noel,

Back & Neck Specialist

Noel has spent over 37 years of meeting patients with neck & shoulder issues, and a dissatisfaction with not finding the perfect pillow and the disappointment with memory foam not being able to mould your neck and shoulder area and then resorting to duck feather for comfort.

I wanted to get this right. I know I could work in getting the right softness in material, I wanted it chemical and latex free so I started on my journey ...

Your Sleep Solution Products

The Original

A unique pillow that provides outstanding comfort.


The Perfection

Revolutionary support structure is Perfection Pillow’s.



Reusable & roll-up Accessories bag.


The Reflex Revolution

Johann Callaghan

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